Welcome to Meeting Right

Transform your presentation to an amazing mobile experience. Get immediate feedback from large audience in an organized way.


will be an important milestone in meetings. We vision it and continue to innovate. We are working hard in the new MeetingRight hierarchy that will interrupt the way you conduct meetings.

Why MeetingRight?

Live the shift to the mobile era in an enjoyable way and impress everyone:

  • Connects thousands of people using mobile devices to share live presentation and instant feedback
  • Provides familiar social media tools: chat, like, expand
  • Improves Innovation, Productivity and Efficiency
  • We have assembled latest technology to improve meeting experience
  • Very low data transfer for communication.

When MeetingRight will be available

MeetingRight is available now on private server for medium and larger organization.

It is also available for cloud version for getting a glance of the application. We are adding support for more and more devices.

How can I get MeetingRight?

For large and medium organization, please contact us 1-613-801-8488 or contactus@hinnovac.com

for Individual and small business, get a glance of the application :

  1- Install MeetingRight Apps on Mobile device
  2- Register at at this site (http://www.meetingright.net)
  3- Upload your presentation in PDF format or set a link to a file in the cloud
  4- Launch Meeting right app, select presenter and start to impress everyone.